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Urban Dog Development

NYC’s Premier Pet Care & Training Service

Life is different in the concrete jungle so we created Urban Dog Development™ to help your pet thrive and succeed. City dogs are expected to be on their best behavior. Yet, they experience more challenges on a daily basis than their suburban cousins face in an entire year. Even house-breaking is a learning process for a city dog (apartment to hallway, elevator, lobby and then finally outside). 

Urban Dog Development™ is wellness training for your city pet. UDD addresses the unique issues facing urban dogs and their owners. Crowded elevators, busy sidewalks, sirens, traffic, other dogs, and objects on wheels are just a few aspects of city life that we regularly accept. We specialize in addressing these issues using gentle and positive training methods. 

Urban Dog Development™ is integrated into all of our Services. Topics are diverse and include proper socialization, strong leash skills, good manners, habituation to noise, and many more. Our Team of professionals will apply their knowledge and skills during each dog walk or pet visit to support the training process.

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