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Dog Training

NYC’s Premier Pet Care & Training Service

Training is essential for a healthy and happy dog. Training is fun and includes lifestyle fundamentals such as proper socialization and good manners. Train with us and learn how to communicate with your pup using science-based, gentle methods. It’s a Dog’s Life does not teach dominance theory or support aversive training.

For puppy training services, please see Puppy Care.

Walk & Train

A Training Walk is an excellent way to practice your dog’s skills and good manners. During this customized service, good manners and obedience skills will be taught and reinforced using our gentle Urban Dog Development methods. This is a great way for your pup to get extra practice with their basic skills such as sit, down, stay, heel, and come.

1/2 Hour Walk
  • 1 Dog:  $42.50
  • 2 Dogs:  $52.50
1 Hour Walk
  • 1 Dog:  $68.50
  • 2 Dogs:  $80.00

Weekends $10 additional.  Holidays $15 additional.

Virtual Training

Don’t let distance stop you from training. Our certified dog trainers will guide you through specific training techniques appropriate for your dog’s needs via phone or video conferencing. Written lesson plans and follow-up homework will be provided.

1 Hour Session
  • 1 Dog:  $275.00 & Up

Clicker Training

Clicker training is an operant conditioning method that creates a reward-based relationship with pet and owner. We recommend this advanced training method to pets that demonstrate nervous tendencies or those that need to build confidence. It is also great for teaching fun skills and tricks to dogs and cats.

1 Hour Session
  • 1 Dog:  $350.00 & Up

*$75.00 for each additional dog

Problem Solving

Everyone needs professional help sometimes. If your dog has behaviors that are difficult to manage, schedule a session with one of our expert trainers. Our science-based, humane methods are effective in treating most types of behavioral issues including inappropriate elimination, barking, chewing, separation anxiety and more.

1 Hour Session
  • 1 Dog:  $350.00 & Up

*$75.00 for each additional dog

Behavior Modification

Appropriate for serious types of behavior problems and disorders.
Our positive reinforcement methods are successful in treating difficult cases of fear-based behavior such as leash-aggressions, wheel phobias, severe separation anxiety, and aggression.

1 Hour Session
  • 1 Dog:  $350.00 & Up

*$75.00 for each additional dog

Co-op Board Prep

Moving to the city? We can prepare your dog for the transition and get ready for NYC Co-Op Boards. Let us guide you through the process by introducing urban training, creating a pet board packet and helping your pup ace the interview.

Featured In Wall Street Journal:

So Your Dog Can Roll Over. Can It Pass a Co-op Board Interview?
Blowouts and bowties, Xanax and Zoloft. New York’s co-op buyers and their dogs are jumping through all sorts of hoops to get precious approval.

1 Hour Session
  • 1 Dog:  $375.00 & Up

*$100.00 for each additional dog

The Hamptons

Fun in the sun for our Hamptons dogs.
Beach life training is the perfect method to help your city dog adjust to the countryside. Off leash skills with an emphasis on recall, stay, leave It, drop It, and water safety.

1 Hour Session
  • 1 Dog:  $375.00 & Up

*$75.00 for each additional dog

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