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Client Testimonials

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“We’ve been using Elena’s services as a trainer and a sitter since we brought our puppy Chase home 9 months ago. She is very knowledgeable and loving, and her training methods have proven to be very successful. We have such faith in Elena that she is the only one with whom we have left Chase while we’ve traveled.”
–Michele S.

“I have always been somewhat particular about the dog walkers that I use, especially when living in a city. With that said, IADL has been fantastic. They are always on time, caring, and around lunch time, my dog is super excited and waiting for her walker to show up. I highly recommend their services!”
–Timothy C.

“We have been working with Elena from It’s a Dog’s Life, LLC for the past month on training our dog, Pasha, who is a jack russell terrier and we could not be happier with the results so far! The tips and techniques that Elena has taught us range from minor tweaks that we could make to our at-home habits (which yielded some instant results) to daily training exercises to more long-term changes to our habits. The results have been amazing! We are really looking forward to continuing our training with Elena and could not more highly recommend her services!”
–Anita G.

“It’s a Dog’s Life was and is a savior. I think I was more nervous about getting a puppy than I was to have kids but Elena was nurturing even before we got our dog and has been a fantastic trainer since then. Her responsiveness and dedication to her clients (human and canine) is unparalleled. We also use her dog walking services and all look forward to the detailed reports from our dog’s daily walks.”
–Debra R.

“We have two attention needy cats who are quite sure they aren’t members of the feline race at all and belong on royal thrones in a palace. Elena’s staff have cat-sitted for us on many occasions. Each and every member of her team is responsible, trustworthy, animal loving, and treats our babes with the same tender love and care they are used to getting when we are around. When I used to leave my cats with other sitters, they’re coats looked dull when I returned and I could tell they weren’t eating properly. That is not the case with it’s a Dog’s Life! I highly recommend Elena and It’s a Dog’s Life to anyone who needs someone to look after their pets.”
–Lisa H.

“Elena and the whole team at It’s A Dog’s Life NYC provide a loving, caring, and safe environment for our beloved Labrador Tyler. We have complete confidence in their ability to meet the changing needs of our dog and our respective work schedules. From taking our dog to the vet, to consulting on nutrition, and everything in between, Elena and her team provide an invaluable service to our family.”
–Elizabeth W.

“I’ve been using It’s a Dog’s Life’s services for 2+ years for my two dogs and they are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Their dog walkers are great, always on time and deliver exactly the service you’re expecting. I’m definitely a demanding customer and I expect to get the services and performance I pay for and I am very happy that I chose It’s a Dog’s Life (I’m pretty sure my dogs are pretty happy with that decision as well).”
–Michael D.

“It’s A Dog’s Life has seen us through sick doggies, puppy training and sibling rivalry, and we’ve never received anything but the most conscientious, professional and loving care. When you’re as nuts about your animals as we are, it takes extraordinary caregivers to make you feel totally comfortable. That’s how we always feel with It’s A Dog’s Life!”
–Jerome and Sarah L.

“From my first conversation with Elena, I knew I’d found the right people to take care of my new addition. I grew up with pets always around, but raising a puppy in the city presents its own set of unique challenges. I had a million questions, and Elena and the IADL staff were instantly supportive and encouraging. From separation anxiety to crate training to pet service providers, their advice has proven invaluable. Set your dog up with IADL. Until your dog learns how to say thank you, the pictures you’re sent on their visits will show you just how happy they are.”
–Jon M.

“It’s a Dog’s Life is the best thing that could have happened to us! We moved into our building not knowing who would walk our Boston terrier Murray. Then we met Elena and her team and we were so impressed. Not only do they walk our dog every day, but they work with him on his behavior skills. They also leave a daily report card which details everything they did on their walk. We even had them stay with Murray over a long weekend while we were away. All in all we love their service, but most of all so does Murray!”
–Allison B.

“We have been thrilled with the service and reliability that It’s A Dogs Life has provided us. The staff is friendly and professional. Whether it is a walk, training, play session or an overnight stay, the service is impeccable. Each and every staff member has passionately cared for Joey as if she was their own. We’re very grateful for the positive impact It’s A Dogs Life has had on the development of Joey. Thank you for all you’ve done!”
–Marissa M.

“It’s a Dogs Life has brought us piece of mind. While we are both at work, we know that Toby is receiving the best care possible. The staff treat Toby like he’s one of their family. They leave us detailed notes outlining the important moments of the day, send pictures of his walks and play dates and check in on him when he’s not feeling well. Toby just loves his walkers and they have made him such a happy well-adjusted puppy!”
–Eric & Scott

“Elena and her team of pet care specialists are outstanding! I highly recommend them for your personalized pet care and training needs. They were there every step of the way when my eight week old Labrador puppy Siyeh came home with us to Manhattan. There is no way to describe the sense of comfort that I have knowing IADL will be there on-time to exercise my dog with a committed team that focuses on my pet in a very safe and professional manner.”
–Robert F.

“I feel so fortunate to have found Elena and her wonderful service. I live on the Upper East Side and have two small dogs that absolutely love their walks and play time not to mention the peace of mind that it gives our family. For the first time since I brought my dog’s home almost 7 years ago, I feel that I can leave the city without worry, knowing they are in the best care with Elena and her staff.”
–Adriana M.

“It’s A Dog’s Life is a great service. I have used them for everything–overnight care while on vacation, regular walks, and training walks. They are very loving towards your pets, provide great training as well as helpful “parent” tips and are prompt, reliable and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
–Kelli M.

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