A Step Up in Pooch Pampering

Elena Gretch, founder of one of New York's most high-end dog walking services,

pulls out all of the stops for pet parents who demand the very best for Fido.

Civility on the Way Out? Add Dogs to That List

It's A Dog's Life NY Founder Elena Gretch speaks to The New York Times
about some of the daily challenges faced by NYC dogs.

Holistic Select® Natural Pet Food Launches Online Health Tool

Pet Expert Elena Gretch partners with Holistic Select Pet Food to develop a health
scale, and offers advice on creating a healthy environment for
your pet.

Co-op Boards Interview Tenants' Dogs

Elena Gretch, who owns the upmarket urban pet-services purveyor It's a Dog's Life,
offers insights on prepping dogs for their co-op board interviews.

For one start-up, every dog has it's day

Entrepreneur and It's A Dog's Life NY Founder Elena Gretch turns her
passion for pups into a successful business.

Some swanky NYC co-ops require dog 'interviews'

The board would like to meet your dog. Smart New Yorkers call upon
celebrity trainer Elena Gretch to help their dogs ace the interview.

How to get your dog past a co-op board

Just because a co-op says it's "dog friendly" doesn't mean it will welcome yours.
Pet Expert Elena Gretch provides insight on the process.

End Times: Dog Interviews, Bike Ads and Prince

Can you coach a dog for his big sit-down with a cheerless co-op
board? Celebrity dog trainer Elena Gretch says, yes you can.

The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Interviews Pet Expert Elena Gretch

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers interviews Elena Gretch to discuss
her successful pet care company It's A Dog's Life NY.

Some Tips for the Obamas on Their New Pup

Bo, the Obama family's new Portuguese water dog, is sure to get the best
presidential care. Pet Expert Elena Gretch offers some advice for the first
family on training their new pup.

Dog Interview Prep is the Next Big Business

Gothamist talks to dog trainer Elena Gretch about the canine co-op board
interview process.

Now Even Puppies Must Withstand Withering Scrutiny of Co-Ops

As if co-op boards weren't onerous enough.  Not only must humans undergo
their withering scrutiny, but so too must dogs!

L.A. Unleashed

First Lady Michelle Obama's highly publicized interview with People Magazine,
which started dog lovers everywhere talking about the possibility of the president's
family bringing home an energetic Portuguese water dog, was big news yesterday.

Portuguese water dog owners fear Obamba effect

First lady Michelle Obama has told People magazine the family is considering
getting a Portuguese water dog, possibly in April.

Fans of the Obamas' top dog fear surge in popularity for breed

America's first family has, it seems, settled on its choice for best in show.
A Portuguese Water Dog is expected to take up residence in the White
House soon, according to Michelle Obama.